Hello again pest control customers of A.N.T.T.S = (A North Texas Termite Specialist)! We try to keep our pest control clients from Tarrant County, TX (Keller, Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville, etc ) posted on the different pest control seasons and the pest and termite control specials we are running at the time. Well with this hot and dry weather fleas are on the rise! If you pet goes indoors and out then you are just waiting for a problem. Fleas love to jump on pets and use them as a blood host for reproductive purposes. The they come in and lay their eggs in your carpet or under couch cushions. I you happen to leave with your pets for a few days then come into the home by yourself you will be swarmed with fleas trying to take a blood bath. How else can one get fleas well we recently had a customer who was only taking their cat to the vet for a cleaning and a trim but ended up with a huge flea problem days later! How you ask ? Well I can tell you from personal experience from treating many vet clinics and none in particular that the area of the office where they do the flea dips and shampoos is loaded with fleas and flea eggs! So if they do not have that area treated monthly then chances are they will pass from the vet dipping area to your pet. Then a month later you will be paying that same vet to dip your pet! The best way to treat them at your home is to have it done professionally. You can try on your own and many have but without a real success rate. The reason being is fleas have a 4 stage life cycle. Egg, larvae, pupa and adult. So if you fog your home with a store bought flea & roach fogger you will kill some of the adults but most of the flea population will still be at large. When we treat we use a combination of professional pest control products which include a long residue and growth regulator to inhibit reproduction. Things you can do to help are keeping grass cut to a few inches, washing all floors and cleaning all carpets. It does not hurt to vacuum inside couch crevices and clean up crumbs from couch potato activity. We at A.N.T.T.S Have a real good success rate and do not charge for retreats after the initial pest control flea treatment. So remember to check your kitty at the vets exit door for unwanted free riders before you leave the office. Have a safe summer.

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