Bed Bugs, the new pest control epidemic has begun!  What used to be only heard about in news stories about big city hotels is now a real problem for homeowners throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex.

A.N.T.T.S. North Texas Termite Specialist offers discrete, non-toxic bed bug treatments.

The Bed Bug Challenge:

Treat and Prevent:  The main challenge in ridding a home of bed bugs is making sure that all existing adults and eggs are exterminated.  As they say, it only takes two…

Do you really want to treat where you sleep with chemicals?  Sometimes the fix can be just as bad as the problem. And recent reports indicate that bed bugs are increasingly resistant to traditional pesticides.

Introducing Eliminator XL Bed Bug Heat Treatments:

Eliminator XL Bed Bug Heat Treatment SystemUsing the state-of-the-art Eliminator XL Bed Bug Heat Treatment System, we can treat sensitive areas effectively and safely using heat to exterminate the bed bugs.  This non-chemical treatment allows for a non-toxic approach that saturates the affected areas with heat – not pesticides.  Heat treatments are the ONLY proven method for safely killing all of the growth stages of the bed bug – including the eggs.


In place of increasingly dangerous chemical use, an effective CDC-recognized bed bug eradication method known as structural heat should be the first option.

from Yahoo! News

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Recommends Heat in War on Bed Bugs

Heat VS. Pesticides

Heat can saturate an area to kill the bed bugs regardless of where they are hiding…from mattresses to baseboards. 

To saturate an area with pesticides would expose you and your family to additional health issues.

Heat is 100% effective without damaging your mattress or ruining your bedding.

Chemical applications often result in the need to replace not only your bedding, but depending upon the severity of the infestation your mattress and box-spring.

Dallas Fort Worth Bed Bug Heat Treatments and Elimination

You won’t lose sleep with The Eliminator XL Bed Bug Heat Treatment System