Bed bugs (Cimicidae) blood sucking parasites that feed on human blood preferably but will suck on any warm blooded animal. A long time ago these bugs were a huge problem around the world but with the introduction of sanitation and pesticides they were brought under control for the most part. I myself have been in the pest control business for almost 30 years and can honestly say we never had any dealings with them until about 2 years ago. They are easily taken home by piggy back in your luggage, pant leg etc. Many hotels and motels have reported infestations of bed bugs recently and finding them in your home is becoming all to common. They are reddish-brown oval and wingless, not totally nocturnal but do like to feed at night and like to live close to their blood source hence the name bed bug. Bed bugs can go a year without feeding but like to feed about every 8-10 days so this is why they can survive so long and go undetected. Bed bug detection can be easy if you know what and where to look. You want to check every hotel room before you lay down for the night! I always search for bed bugs before I unpack in my room. If I see one sign I go right back to the desk and request a room far away from the original one and if the next room has signs I get my money back and start searching for another hotel. What you want to look for is blood smears on the sheets. Pull the head board of the wall if possible and look for actual bugs and egg casings. They love to be in tight crevices so look at mattress seams and lift mattress to inspect supports and baseboards under bed.

If you do find out you have brought home this blood sucking parasite (bed bug) then you really need professional help! Some pest problems can be tackled on your own but bed bugs are even giving pest control exterminators a tough time. Once you find a local pest control company you want to get your home ready for treatment for the best results. Strip and wash all bedding and wash all clothes in hot water. Empty all dresser draws and put them where they can be easily treated. Remove all small items from the floor and wash them prior to the treatment, you don’t want to be washing floors after the pest company comes for at least 2 weeks. Ask your treating company for a prep sheet and ask many questions to speed things up when they arrive.

Our company A.N.T.T.S has treated many homes with success but there is sometimes a 2nd and 3rd treatment involved in some cases due to the nature of the bed bug. They can be tough buggers to treat but with cooperation from the homeowner and using the right products you can be successful in eradication of bed bugs in your home or business!

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