Hello again from A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist. As we have said many times before we are not just termite control specialist we specialize in all pest control problems and one main one is ant control. After the heavy rains a week ago all ant species become more active and swarm just like termites! But like the ole saying goes ” If it looks like a ant it is most likely a ant”. We do get a lot of people calling thinking they have termite swarms when in fact it is just carpenter ants, Argentine ants (black ants). The ant like most other insects main goal in life is to reproduce and expand their colony so they swarm when conditions are right such as after rain or when it warms up. Early to mid spring is a great time to protect your home from the pest. Although they do not do much damage if not any ? They can be a real pain to live with. Nothing worse than crunching into that late bowl of cereal only to find 3 bites into it that it has little protein snack additive ants walking around in it. Now on the other hand Carpenter ants can do damage if left untreated but nothing compared to termites. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood for food but can chew out cavities to make room for their eggs and the rest of the colony. Back to the black ants which have been a real problem in the last few years. The Argentine ant is fairly new to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Pharaoh ant (red ants) have been a pest for longer but will address them later. The black ants are real tough even for pest control professionals to treat. We can tell you up front when quoting a price to treat them that a return visit is likely ? But we always go back if need be. First off you the home owner can help aid in us getting a better grip on the situation. You need to remember that the ants you are seeing are foragers and they are in fact looking to feed their brothers and sisters by taking food back to the colony. So try to have food droppings (crumbs) cleaned up and counters free of sugar and other sweet or greasy substances. We use baits a lot and try to use their hunger to feed their colony against them so the less food competition the better. We also will scout and inspect the outside perimeter to see where they are trailing into the home ? sometimes we have found them going around 3/4 of the base of the slab foundation to find one crack to enter a home. They can also come up through a pipeline or electrical entry point. Theses are areas we treat with a residual pest control product on the perimeter and we like to treat the indoor plumbing entries also. Now with the black or red ants we have found that a pretty good baiting system available to pest control professionals has been working well. We have gel, powder and liquid baits available. Each home and ant to be controlled is different and sometimes it may be a trial and error situation until we nail it on the head. I can tell you that within your warranty period with A.N.T.T.S we will go back as many times needed as long as you give it a initial period of 7-10 days for the products to work. All we need is a call and we will come back and do whatever needs to be done to get rid of you ant problem. Other things you can do to help us out is trim all foliage from touching the house. Clean floors, counters and back splash as much as possible. When we are scheduled to come out remove small items from floor and clean out all plumbing areas (under sinks, etc). All this helps us to be able to reach the areas needed to get best control. We do ask that small children and pets be out of the treating area even though the baits we use are pretty much odorless and real safe to use indoors. If you are having a ant problem and have spent money with no success give us a call 817-366-3130 and we would be happy to solve you ant problem for good. Have a safe and happy summer!

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