Once again spring is here and so are the pest. This year the biggest problem has been with black ants (Argentine Ants). The little ants that end up on your counter and the same ones you spend lots of money on trying to control yourself.

I can tell you that these ant are not easy even for pest control professionals. They seem to have built up immunity to most baits we have used in the past. Now it seems as though the only way to truly get rid of them is with a combo of baits and residual pest control sprays. We have found a great solution that has been working well lately ! It is of course not something the average homeowner can purchase but is really safe if used properly. We also use a additive that makes insects more susceptible to pest control products. This additive is new this year and has been working great on the little black ants. The only thing you can do to help control these ants on your own is don’t make it any easier to get in by leaving foliage touching the home or leaving crumbs, sugar or geese on counters. If you do this little part we can do the rest.

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