Well back again! Sorry it took so long to post again but termite season here in Dallas/Fort Worth TX has been crazy! It feels like Pre-Termidor days again. Termites seem to be making a full come back this year. We have sen a recent decline in termite swarms in the past and I attribute it to the release of Termidor a fairly new Termiticide that became available to us about 7 years ago and ever since swarm season has been shorter and shorter. I believe the non-repellent manor in which it works has helped termite workers to take it and pass it through the colony by means of transference to show complete colony elimination! This is good news for Dallas/Fort Worth homeowners. This year seems to be different though ? Be it the weather or some resistance being built up they are back with a mission and it’s to break through walls all over the place. We have seen termite swarm calls increase and it’s not due to A.N.T.T.S web presence because our website has been down for weeks now plus our Google local listings were deleted accidentally by Google at the worst possible time for us! This tells me that if we are still slammed with little web exposure then the termite swarms are huge! Most of our leads have come in from referrals and previous customers which is great but we still need that web source. As always we urge you to keep a sharp eye out on all interior walls especially around plumbing areas of your home and watch for what starts out as a pin hole of mud and can get finger size quick. These are what is know as termite swarm castles and can happen anywhere. Also watch those foundation mud tubes as this is the most popular way for termites to enter your home. If you see anything like this you may want to call your local pest control professional or call us A North Texas Termite Specialist = A.N.T.T.S at 817-366-3130 We would be happy to help you out. Have a great summer and stay safe.

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