Hello once again DFW residence ! It’s that time of the year again when everyone is getting ready to start their big remodeling projects around the home. I always say there are two termite seasons for us pest control companies. First season is the obvious spring termite swarm and the second is the fall remodeling termite season. Around this time is when we start receiving calls like ” I am redoing our bath and found some strange mud inside the walls ?” We hear it all the time! Termites will only show themselves in early spring when they swarm out to start new colonies. But if you are remodeling and get lucky enough to expose them we have a few tips for you. First do not spray anything on them! This can effect what we use and can move them to another area. Secondly take some photos so you can email them to us so we can maybe identify via email. We also recommend you stop any construction until we can come by and investigate to come up with a treatment plan. Now these days termites are not a death sentence to a home! They are very treatable and the product Termidor is very effective for years to come. At A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist we can offer spot or full termite treatment applications that come with renewable warranties that transfer for free to any new buyer. So if you are redoing your kitchen or bath and find something you think may be termites, carpenter ants or something else remember to photograph and call us or your local pest control company to come and inspect. After the termite treatment you can go about your business and close up the walls and finish your dream remodel project. Just always remember to deal with a licensed pest company and you will be fine. Thank again for reading and we welcome comments.

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