Hello fall and rodent season around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The upcoming colder months are perfect conditions for rodents like mice and rats to enter your home. As local DFW pest control professionals we do receive a lot of new calls about people hearing scratching and scraping in their walls. With cold weather and open gaps is a recipe for a rodent problem. The best thing you can do as a homeowner is go around your home with a caulking gun and steel wool to seal up any cracks and holes that are bigger than a dime. It does not take much for the rats and mice to get in. They are coming in for a few things like food, shelter and water. After you do your blocking be sure to keep dog and cat food in a secure bucket. Keep all other foods locked up tight and don’t leave food scraps laying around. With water fix any leaking pipes and check under your refrigerator drip pan to make sure there is no standing water. You do not want to make it any easier for these sneaky critters. If all these steps are done you can greatly reduce the possibility of a rodent problem. But if you still here scratching or are seeing mice or rats running around your home you may need a professional pest control company at this point. This is where we might be of assistance to you! We can come out and do a inspection to see where the little varmints are getting in and take control measures to rid the home of any active rodents through the use of baits and traps. We have been dealing with rodents for years and have not come up with a problem we have not been able to take care of yet. Feel free to visit us on the internet or call 817-366-3130 Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas 2010!

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