Hello from A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist. We are just letting Keller, Southlake, Grapevine and other Tarant County residents know that we do service for all types of pest control in your area. We do pest control for all pest such as ant control, rodent control, bed bug control, termite control, bee control, carpenter ant control, roach control and all other residential pest. We have specials at this time on VA/FHA Termite Inspections (WDI). We also have quarterly, semi annual and one time pest control specials going on right now in the DFW area. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area then you are aware that termites have swarmed really bad this year and the termite swarm season has been the worse since 1997. They say bad but really a good termite swarm will let thousands of Texas homeowners know they even have termites! If the termites do not swarm for years then they have all that time to go unnoticed and do lots of damage. We have seen a increase of termite calls but not nearly like it was in the 90’s so if you need a good inspection go to and check us out or you can try our other site at www.anttstermitecontrol.com or call 817-366-3130

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