Hello again from A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist located in North Richland hills, TX serving the Dallas and Fort Worth area for all termite and pest control problems. We do specialize in termite inspections and treatments but pest control is really our biggest service. We have had a huge increase in bed bug calls lately from nervous home owners who have been reading and watching the news. I would say Bed Bugs are back but really they have never went away totally. We have been doing bed bug inspections and treatments for years and can tell you they can be tough little buggers to kill. You can try to take care of them on your own but in most cases we see people spending almost as much on store bought pest control products as they would if they hired a professional pest control company. It all starts with a good inspection as in most cases with pest service. We go in with our very expensive new flash lights that are bright enough to blind a person and we thoroughly inspect all cracks and crevices and around all bedding especially the headboard. They are lazy little bed bugs and like to take the shortest route to your blood so will most likely be found close to where your body lays. We look at sheets for blood smears and dead cast from bed bugs the come up with a treatment plan. Most plans include a good cleaning of linens and clothes in the general infested area. We also vacuum around headboard and baseboards to help take down the active numbers to help increase our chances of total control. We do not think its a good idea to just spot treat a home for bed bugs although can work on new infestations so long as it has not had time to get out of hand. we like to treat the entire home with a residual pesticide along with a IGR (insect growth regulator) to help with reproduction. Dust seem to work good as well as liquids. Our biggest suggestion to the Dallas/Fort Worth residents about the bed bug hysteria is not to panic! Do some research about bed bugs and do a little inspection yourself to see with your own eyes whats lurking under your bed ? Save any and all insects in a vile or plastic bag to show your pest company for a better identification. Then price shop! Yes we are saying price shop because you will see that you will be getting prices anywhere from $150.00 tp $2500 and up to treat a home for bed bugs. We are not the cheapest and not the most expensive but we stand by our work and will not stop coming out until they are gone for good and we never charge to come back during the warranty period. We will be posting info on bed bugs at our website very shortly and hope to hear from you and read some comments about your bed bug experiences.

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