Hello again! Looks like another busy pest and termite control season is here for the Dallas and Fort Worth area. We have already had a bunch of calls for those pesky little black ants, carpenter ants and fire ants! here at we have been trying a lot of new environmentally safe pest control products for the ants such as baits, granules and dust with great results. The little black ants (Argentine) have been number one on our hit list they are the toughest little pest we deal with sometimes. Most times what works for us is a good perimeter spray and bait the active areas inside. I have seen these ants travel the whole length of the foundation to enter one little crack so the best advise i can give the customer is to be a detective before we get there and look around your home and see if you can find exactly where they are getting in ? This makes our job a little easier because depending on weather they may not be moving the day we come out. The second best thing you can do is to keep all sugar and food scraps off floor and counter. The more they have to eat from you the less they will be attracted to our free buffet. As usual this time of the year is the best time for preventative medicine! Trim all shrubs, trees etc from touching the home and make sure your gutters are clean. This is also time for termites to get ready for their annual swarm so be on the look out for mud tubes coming up the side of the foundation and inside plumbing walls is where you may see their termite swarm castles (mud coming out of wall ). Any time you can find termites early is a good thing because they can do a lot of damage if they go unnoticed year to year. The spring termite swarm may be the only chance to even know you have them and do something about it. Well once again we hope you all learn a little something about pest control and hope that the world is treating you well ? It seems as though the economy is getting a little better and hopefully we are on the fast track to recovery. Until next time goodbye from A North Texas Termite Specialist = A.N.T.T.S and feel free to call us anytime with questions at 817-366-3130 or visit our website www.antts.biz

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