Hello again from A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist Once again its summer here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and we are getting many calls for little black ants (Argentine Ants). Argentine ant control for Keller, Southlake, Grapevine and Colleyville can be one of the toughest treatments we do. The Argentine Ants were brought here back in the 1800’s and they have dominated most native ants here. The colonies are huge and can have thousands of queens with millions of workers to feed, protect and shelter them. This is why you see trails that run the whole length of your foundation and there are a lot more you are not seeing under ground. The best prevention is to seal any crack or crevice around the outside of your home. You can use caulk or any sealant. Another thing you can do to help is use easy to find products such as DE (Diatomaceous Earth) which is swimming pool filter sand. Talcum powder and Boric Acid are some other powders that help deter them. Grandmothers homemade baits work a little also like Boric Acid mixed with honey or jelly. All these thing truly can help but for the best results that we have found is using a professional pest control product like Termidor, Phantom or Demon on the outside and baits inside such as Intice, Maxforce etc. We have had great results with the use of both residuals and baits but there is always the chance we will need to make a return trip to finish the job. Seems like you can never get complete elimination but you can get great pest control with control being the keyword. Speaking of keywords sorry for the over use of them in this blog but it is the only proven way to be found on the internet so we just go with the flow so we can get the good word out to the pest control customers in Keller, Southlake, Grapevine and Colleyville. Sorry did it again, see you next week.

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