Hello again from A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist. We have been a little late in posting due to the rise in homeowner refinances going on in the DFW area. With the bad economy comes tough times for everyone and a quick refinance is a good solution for quick cash and lower payments. Most lenders require a termite inspection during the process which is where we come in. We have been running around the Dallas/Fort Worth area doing a ton of these. The subject of this post is the upcoming termite swarm that will be hitting the DFW area soon. Some termite swarm seasons last months and some only a weekend. The longer they swarm the better for all. You may ask why this would be better for you ? Well if they only swarm 2 days and they are active in your home and you miss the signs of them or they swarm outside or up in your attic and you do not see them they will have a whole year to feast upon your home undetected. The good thing about having a swarm in your home is you know they are there! Now you can get your local pest control guy out to positively identify them and create a treatment plan of action. Now, what are some signs of a termite swarm you may ask ? Well as a termite inspector I can tell you that when we are on the hunt we look low on the outside and high on the inside. Termites (Subterranean) will enter through pipelines and cracks or just tunnel up the side of your foundation and start chewing. When swarm season arrives they will tunnel up to the highest point and start to break through your wall via little pinholes that will have a bit of gritty mud covering it. These pinholes will enlarge over time and turn into what is called a swarm castle. It can almost look like fingers sticking out of your wall. When ready to fly and send out their reproductive swarm they will come out by the thousands and head for light and try to get outside. Sometimes they will fill up a drop ceiling light and never make it out and sometimes they head for a sliding glass door and die on your floor. The areas this will happen are usually around plumbing areas like bathrooms, sinks and water heaters. They will not fly for long so do not dismiss this as a annual bug invasion that happens every spring but they are gone now. They are not gone just because you do not see them anymore, the workers that are totally different in color and wingless are there. The unseen workers are the ones that are eating 24/7 365 days of the year (At least here in the south). Most homes in a high termite prone area will be hit eventually and if left unprotected they can reach any home and do thousands of dollars worth of damage. Just be aware that termites are everywhere and be on the lookout this spring and if you see something that may lead you to believe that you may have termites pick up the phone and call a local licensed pest professional and get a few estimates for treatment if a positive termite report is made. A.N.T.T.S is always willing to spend a few minutes to listen to what you have to say about your termite concerns and sometimes we can identify a termite problem over the phone and sometimes we can make your day and tell you what you are describing is only a fire ant swarm and not the dreaded termite swarm you thought you found. If you would like more info on this subject or would like to set up a visit from us call 817-366-3130 or visit us at Thanks for your time we wish you a great year in these tough times! A North Texas Termite Specialist = A.N.T.T.S

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