Hello Dallas/Fort Worth, TX! Sorry it has been months since our last post but we have been running around the Metroplex doing so much pest and termite treatments it’s not funny! Along with the ant, carpenter ants, spiders, termites and rodent pest control treatments we have been doing a ton of WDI Termite inspections for FHA & VA loans and refinance. Summer 09 has been great for A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist. Although the economy is tough, people still need pest & termites controlled. Normally we are here to give tips on helping you do your own pest service, but I have to tell you that this summer even professional exterminators like us have had a tough time with some certain pest like the new Argentine ants that have recently arrived in the DFW area. We have tried many different products on them but they are strong little buggers! We have found that there is one product we can buy at our local pest control company distributor sells that has been knocking them dead. I believe it was the heat and the uncommon rainfall we have had that is keeping the ants coming back so when we treat we are sure to not miss a crack or crevice to insure no call backs. We can tell you to prepare for a heavy flea & tick season due to all the rain and high temps recently. They to are one pest you do not want to try to get rid of on your own with store bought pest control products. Fleas have a long life cycle with eggs, larva and pupa so you need something that will last minimum 60 days. Most products we use should have a 90 day residual and should last long enough to prevent a return trip. There are a few things that can help with success when you have your home treated by a pest pro, vacuum all floors and wash every baseboard plus keep grass cut low, these things make life easy on your pest control technician. Have a great summer Dallas/Fort Worth and we will be back with some fall pest control tips soon! A.N.T.T.S 817-366-3130

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