With the slow sales of new and old homes around Dallas / Fort Worth we have seen a huge rise in FHA / VA WDI Termite Inspections. Most big lenders do require an inspection even on a re-finance. Last year it was the other way around, we were swamped with new home buyer inspections. Either way the lenders are sending them to us and it’s interesting to see the change in the market. We have also seen a rise in foreclosures and these inspections hit the hart strings for us because we know some family just lost their home. Times are tough but we see things turning around so we are hoping for the best and tightening our pockets on spending. A.N.T.T.S believes that the times will get better for us service businesses! With school starting around the corner and fall renovations coming we should be ok. People just need to stop listening to all the negative news and start believing in the good ole USA again and we will be fine.

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