Hello again from A North Texas Termite Specialist = A.N.T.T.S! We would like to talk about pest control tips for fall clean up around your home. About this time every year we get calls from Dallas / Fort Worth area residents that have a abundance of pest and rodent activity around their home due to the removal of clutter from the yard and garage. These cluttered areas are a great hide out for mice, rats and roaches. Stored wood against the house can also attract termites. We are happy to see you removing the clutter, but would like to help you protect your home at the same time of this clean up. First thing you want to do is wear gloves and a dust mask! This is very important when dealing with rodent droppings due to the diseases they carry and the dust particles in the air can get into your lungs and cause a variety of problems, some deadly! While moving clutter you may see rodents running away from the pile and towards your home, this is why you should purchase some good snap traps and glue boards and place them along the side of the wall. Rodents are pretty blind and use whiskers to run the sides of walls and will run right into your trap. Another good thing to do before you start your project is to buy some Ortho Boric Acid and dust the cracks and crevices including pipe lines so when the water bugs (American Roach) try to enter your home they will track trough the dust and it will kill them later on. Be sure to use the Boric acid lightly so they will not avoid it and run right through it. Lastly after you have removed all clutter from the side of your home you should maybe consider hiring a professional pest control company like A.N.T.T.S to put down a long residual pesticide that will ensure nothing left over from that debri pile will live long enough to enter you home. Hope this is helpful for you Dallas / Fort Worth Residents. If you ever have a pest control question that needs attention feel free to give us a call at 817-366-3130 A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist.

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