Hello Dallas / Fort Worth residents! Sorry it’s been a few weeks between post, but have been busy with the launch of our new website We are trying to cover all the bases with our new web search marketing for pest control in Dallas and Fort Worth. We want all of you to be able to find us when you need us. This weeks subject is fall and winter pest control, do we need it ? The short answer is yes. This is the time of the year when pest and rodents try to enter your home to get out of the cold and use your residence for a winter getaway. If I was a rodent, I would love your attic for many reasons. For one it’s warm and has access to all your stored food products. Rodents love to come through to your attic by means of traveling along pipelines and wires. Inspect the outside of your home and block anything larger than a nickle with stainless steel wool. Caulk wire and pipe areas to prevent American roaches from getting in also. Pest control service by a professional company like us at A.N.T.T.S is still something you may want to consider throughout the year. We always have customers who feel they do not need in these months but they could never be so wrong! We see a large increase in rodent and spider calls in the fall and winter months. The added bonus of being on quarterly pest control service with us is we are always looking for termites. Termites are a ever present threat to you home. A typical home should be inspected a minimum of two times a year! If you are on regular service termites will not have time to do much damage and we always can offer a discount to regular pest control customers. So for now, inspect those pipe and wire holes and do your blocking and do not cancel on your pest control company just because winter is coming, you will regret it when you have to pay another initial start up fee with another unknown pest control company because you are to ashamed to call your regular guy who has warned you about canceling service!

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