Hello again from A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist. When buying a new home in the Dallas area or just about anywhere in the US the mortgage companies usually require a clear WDI report (termite inspection). These inspections have been on the downside lately due to a struggling economy. What we have seen is a rise in refinance termite inspections! The lenders consider them almost like a new home purchase and require a WDI. This is great for us but can be a pain for the homeowner because we still have to write up conducive conditions and obviously we have to write up and active or prior termite and carpenter ant activity found including any other wood destroying insect. This can be a expensive drawback to the refinance procedure. A.N.T.T.S has had a increase in business due to these new changes in our economy and for this we are thankful but our hearts go out to those who are in trouble. What we have done to help ease the pain on some of these termite finds is allow them to pay us for a treatment when they close on the deal. This lets the people who need that refinance money get it quick then worry about payment later. We have done this on quite a few homes here in Dallas / Fort Worth and have not had any problems collecting our money on full termite treatments. We also take into consideration when inspecting a home that someone already lives in is that there are somethings you can just tell them to do while we are there such as trimming foliage, moving wood piles etc. There is no need to tie up a closing when the conducive condition can be easily corrected at the time of the inspection. So we have made a few changes to help people out in these hard times but we always feel it will come back to us in the long run as it always does. At we live by “what goes around comes around). So keep a few of these ideas in your back pocket if you need to have a termite inspection for you refinance and it will save you time and money in these tough times. Good luck and we hope that brighter days are close for everyone!

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