Hello again from . A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist is here to give Dallas / Fort Worth residents some free advise on pest control tips for the ” Do it yourself ” people who want to control ants, roaches, spiders etc! There are many ole wife’s tales that are just plain funny and don’t kill bugs unless you smother the bug with the product itself. There are some though that hold water. The best one that gets misused is Boric Acid, it works great if you use it correctly. They way I see people use it is to line their cabinets with it and run a pile down the back of their counter top. This will not work because they will just avoid it and walk around it. The way Boric Acid works is it’s a stomach poison to them if they ingest it so you can create your own ant bait by mixing a little with some jelly and put it where you see them trailing. The best use for it is to dry out the insects exoskeleton by it being abrasive to them when they crawl over it and pick it up on their bodies. The only way to achieve this is to use it as sparingly as possible by just lightly puffing it into cracks and crevices where you see them going. This is where you need to think like a bug to kill a bug! If you see them going into a electrical outlet then you may want to puff a little there. If you see them going into the seam around your kitchen sink then put some there. Pipelines are a great travel route for most insects so always hit these. The biggest tip of the day is to hit them where they enter your home! Go outside and puff every little crack and pipe entry you have and if your home is a slab then you should have weepholes (those little slots in the brick) that need dusting with Boric Acid. Again if you think like a bug then you will have success in being pest free in the Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area.

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