In the pest control field we are trained to think like a bug, it works! When trying to rid your home with do it yourself store bought products there are ways this stuff can actually help. The first thing you want to look at when buying a product is to look at the active ingredients verses the inert (additive). You want something with a higher active ingredient than others on the shelve. You will see that a lot of store bought pesticides are 99.999% nothing! So you may have to just drown the bug instead of the poison actually working. You may also read the label carefully to see if its safe for indoor use. After you find a decent quality product then it’s time to start your bug brain. If you were a ant wouldn’t a wire or a branch touching the home be a good access point. If so apply here. If I were a roach I would love to be hidden in cracks and crevices, pipelines etc! Apply here. Being a rodent I love to run the sides of walls due to my blindness and using my whiskers it’s nice to have that wall to guide me, place trap or glue board here.

There are so many little things we do as professional pest control operators that can be done by the average homeowner. We sometimes use boric acid and it works great! But it only works if you use it right. Do not pile it up or line your cabinets with it as a roach I will just avoid it. Puff it lightly into cracks and hinges so I don’t know its there then I will walk right over it and it will dry my skin out so bad I will have to commit suicide.

These are just a few ways to get a head start on your pest problem, but in extreme cases you will need professional help. This is where we or another local pest control firm can help. We have access to long residual pesticides that will make life miserable for Mr Roach and Ant Ameila. Most pest control companies will have at least a 90 day warranty to go with their treatment so no need to fear, they will be gone.

If you have tried and failed give us a call 817-366-3130 or 866-97-4bugs. We will be glad to help!

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