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Dallas / Fort Worth, TX Fire Ant & Rodent Pest Control Prevention For Winter

Hello again from A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist. Just a quick note about the increase in fire ant and rodent calls in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Do not be alarmed this is quite normal for this time of the year. Every fall and winter when the mercury drops these little critters start to invade your home. You can try you own home pest control but in most cases this is a time to call in a pro. We professional pest control operators have access to long residual products that will insure the protection of your family from these invaders. What we do is concentrate on cracks and pipelines along with any other entry point. We soak these areas and inspect for further openings that need attention. Inside we use a pretty much odorless product that is applied to the baseboards and under sinks to get any insects that may have made it in. After this is just a waiting game. People sometimes think we are Pied Pipers and the bugs will follow us out the door. It does take a few days and sometimes up to 21 days but you should see a big difference in a short time. Most companies such as us we do not charge for call backs during your warranty period. I would also like to introduce our new mascot at A North Texas Termite Specialist, Bugzy! He can be seen and heard at both of our websites and Well until next time, aloha!

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