Advanced pest management brings bug control to an increased level. Pest elimination gives the impression of controlling that which is already an issue. The former implies pest elimination before occurrence and even if they’re already causing havoc to property. Termites work beneath the surface and are very detrimental eating away wood, card boxes and everything that comes from or are made of dead organic matter.

Ants, bedbugs, carpet beetles, centipedes, cockroaches, fleas, flies, lice, mosquitoes, spiders, wasps and weevils are a bother in households and affect human health. They are often unsanitary carrying germs and cause irritation of the skin, inflammation or swelling from their poisonous bites. Rodents aren’t only unhygienic. They also destroy cardboard or soft plastic boxes, blankets, clothing, documents and sacks spilling the contents in a mess. They multiply fast and use the material to build nests for their litters. They live in groups or enormous colonies that are constantly on the move looking for food. As they touch food, their soiled small legs or paws contaminate it with bacteria and all kinds of mud. Termites are terribly deadly because they damage the innards without visible signs on the surface. Wooden ceilings and floors just collapse because of termite invasion.

Some household vermin are also a bother in farms or gardens. Synthetic poison has been effective as killers or repellents but long-term use forced them to develop immunity or resistance to the substance. More strong formulations were used sacrificing the fertility of the soil in the long run. Turn out of these synthetic pesticides also wreaks havoc on the environment especially on the ozone layer.

Animal welfare groups also rose up against use of such “barbaric” techniques. This led straight to the development of more advanced pest management techniques. Using trash bins with lid prevents insects and wild animals from coming back for remains. Fresh food must be placed within the refrigerator or in containers not prone to annihilation by these undesired animals. Fine-screened windows forestall entry of flies and mosquitoes into the house.

Certain crop types plagued with certain insects are planted next to plants attacked by insects antagonistic to the other. The bugs tend to avoid one another saving the majority of the crops from damage. Bright colored attractants containing toxic substances that effectively “drunken” or kill the insects are strategically placed around the edges of farms and gardens. The small hairlike structures on squish leaves and stems effectively ward off rodents as they act as eye irritants.

There are plenty more methods of advanced pest management systems that are now available. Continuing research leads to the development of better methods and systems that do not offend animal and environmental advocacy groups. Consulting pros is the best way to resolve pest Problems.

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