Hello from A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist. With such a unseasonable warm winter we are expecting a super busy pest control season this spring! In North Texas we have only had a couple nights so far that have dropped below freezing. This means a lot of the winter kill off of certain pest may not happen ? We are still doing flea pest control in January which is pretty much unheard of. We believe if this keeps up DFW residents could be in for a wild ride in regards to pest invasions. Most customers of ours are on hold until spring for their quarterly pest service but a lot of them are calling in ant problems, flea infestations etc. We suggest having your home treated early this spring. Don’t wait until the pest are already invading your home treat before to keep cost down. When we come out to do a early spring preventative treatment we concentrate on the perimeter of the foundation. Treating the perimeter with a long residual pest control product is only one thing we do we also dust the weep holes, use baits in the flowerbeds and foliage areas. We treat attics, eves, gutters and any other conducive area. The biggest thing we do on any service is try to educate the client on what they can do to help reduce their pest intrusions by means of removing conducive conditions such as tree limbs touching the roof, cleaning out gutters, raking up leaf litter around foundation, moving firewood piles away from house and any other conditions that may be inviting pest into their home. So if this warm winter continues you may want to take a walk around your home and do some of these things. If you want to be pro-active this spring we would suggest calling us early to set up a pest control treatment that will insure your home will be free of ants, spiders, roaches and any other unwanted pest. Remember if you start early these pest will not have a stronghold on you house and will make it easier for us to control. Prices are effected by how bad the problem is sometimes so if it is just a preventative treatment it will cost you less than if it is a total pest control clean out. Last thing to talk about this week is we are also seeing a increase in home sales in DFW so our termite inspections are on the rise so this is good news for all. We are hoping that this increase in sales is a sign of the economy coming back and could finally be the end of this bottom we have been in for the past few years. A.N.T.T.S is keeping our fingers crossed and hoping this is true so jobs will start coming back for people and times may not be so rough anymore.