Bed Bugs are increasing becoming a problem for homeowners throughout Fort Worth.  As a pest control professional, we’ve seen calls increase by several hundred percent versus as recently as two years ago.  Typically, by the time we get the call, the homeowners has taken several steps on their own in an effort to eliminate the pests.

Here is a review of the most common do-it-yourself methods for ridding a home of bed bugs…and a statement of their effectiveness.

I.  Bed Bug Bombs – Your local home improvement store sells several varieties of off-the-shelf bed bug treatments.  Unfortunately, bed bugs infestations can be so pervasive that these relatively cheap bed bug treatments do very little but drive the bed bugs deeper into their hiding places…thus making the process of comprehensive eradication just that much more challenging.

II.  Harness the Power of the Sun – We’ve heard of quite a few people trying to “clean” their bed simply by setting the mattress and box spring outside so that the temperature of the sun beating down on them will eliminate the pests.  Unfortunately, bed bugs do not live exclusively in your bed, so there are still bed bugs and eggs in the room where you removed the bed.  In addition, the heat of the sun is simply not high enough to fully eliminate all of the bed bugs that can burrow into the fabric of the mattress and box spring.

III.  Just Buy a New Bed – As previously stated, bed bug infest rooms including baseboards, carpet, etc. – not just beds.  Buying a new bed does virtually nothing to eliminate the problem.

Ultimately, the most effective method of bed bug extermination is to hire a professional pest control company with specific treatment methods and equipment designed to address the unique challenges that bed bugs present.

Contact your local Fort Worth and Tarrant County Pest Control Professional for more details.