Hello again from A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist. Most everyone has heard of the early spring termite season, well there are actually two seasons.  First is the early springtime reproductive termite swarms when they break through sheet rock all over Dallas / Fort Worth and fly out to make new colonies. Then there is the fall renovation season when people start tearing open walls for their remodeling projects and uncover hidden termite damage. This is because not all colonies swarm at the same time in the spring or sometimes when they do they may just sneak out from a crack in the foundation or swarm up into the attic and the homeowner has no idea they have termites. Well all termite colonies can live inside a painted, tiled wall and chew right up to the surface and not break through so they stay hidden in their little channels unseen doing damage for years. The reason they don’t break through the walls and expose themselves is they need a constant humidity and temperature plus they are light sensitive. People who do have a visible swarming out of a wall in the spring can consider themselves lucky in a way. At least now they know they have them and can have them treated by a professional pest & termite control company. When they swarm up in a attic and are not noticed by the homeowner then they have another whole year to do destruction to that home. All year they come out of the ground via a mud tube and enter the structure and head to the source of food be it a wood stud, sheet rock etc and after they fill their guts they head back to the ground below for moisture. This is a 24/ 365 day affair with your home. There is no frost line in the winter here in the great state of Texas so unfortunately there is a party at your house all year long! So as we said at the start of this story was now that the fall is right around the corner you can expect a certain percentage of remodeling projects to uncover termites that need to be treated. When finding hidden termite damage in a wall around plumbing etc it is a great time to address them while the wall, plumbing are accessible to the pest control technician, he or she can see exactly what is going on inside the wall and treat accordingly. It is absolutely foolish to not treat while open and close up the damage and repair the wall without treating them first because it will cost you more down the road. A.N.T.T.S actually has a partnership with a custom paint company called Chief Custom Paint & Residential Services 817-793-9533 they do wonderful repair work of the damaged sheet rock, wood rot etc.