Hello form A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist. Our subject today is Pest Control Reviews. Sure you want to read them and get opinions and reviews from other pest control customers from around North Richland Hills but can you trust the reviews you are reading ? For the most part we would say yes but there can always be another story behind someones rant about a local pest control company or your local plumber. Some review pages on the internet let a company reply back to a review but some have no way to dispute which is not fair to the pest control companies of which one may have been written with no truth behind it. Let me tell you a personal story of something that happened to me the other day. Was driving down the road speaking to a potential ant control customer when my phone beeped and I put the call on hold to take the one coming in. Well when I clicked over it was a definite sales call from some search engine optimization company (SEO) claiming to be working with Google! Well the second I heard that I knew they were full of it and said we were not interested and went back to my original call. Well about 2 seconds later my phone beeped again and I lost my potential pest customer by trying to swap calls to see if it was a real customer calling but turned out to be that same SEO company calling me back. When I said hello the guy proceeded to scold me for not giving him time to tell me about their service and how they can help us. I said again in a pretty angry voice that we were not interested and told him I was hanging up! Well he began to scream at me that if you do we will go on line and give your pest control company a bad review. I could not believe what my ears were hearing and hung up anyway. So driving down the road I thought wow that was crazy we try to do the best job we can and I know we cannot please everyone but most to all of our customers are pretty happy with the work we did when we leave. I thought this is a real bummer to think so angry little dude in a office somewhere in New York who don’t know us from a whole in the wall can just sit at his little desk and hit a few little keystrokes and give us a bad rating on the internet. This gave me the chills and I drove on thinking how can we fight something like this ? What I came up with was to just do the very best work we can and to try to get every happy customer to maybe take the time to go online and find us to put a positive pest control review out there for us! Being a business owner I am a worry wort, I worry about everything! I guess I need to learn to not let stuff like this bother me and let our work stand on it’s own. So the point we are trying to get out is yes always check on the company you want to come out and service your home but remember that if you see a few great reviews and maybe one or two not so great that this company must be doing something right because believe me it takes a lot to get people to remember the good. Most people only hear and see the bad and forget about the good so when a customer actually took the time to go and leave a positive review that’s something to remember. You may do great on 99% of your work and get 1% to take the time to tell other people but If you do a bad job they will tell everyone they know and even the person standing in line with them at the bank.