Hello and Happy Holidays from A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist. Just a short post about some common cold weather pest. Around the Keller, North Richland Hills area we still receive many pest control calls for ants, spiders & termites not to mention the more common cold weather pest such as mice, rats and fire ants. When it get colder and people start turning up the heat we see a rise in pest intrusions. You have to remember they need the same comforts as we do. So one should expect that they want to be warm and comfortable also ? Most intrusions come from pipe and electrical entries so these are areas of your home you want to seal up with caulk and other blocking materials. You would also want to trim trees, bushes etc to help reduce access to your roof and walls to rodents and even large cockroaches. Around the perimeter of your home near where your brick or wood siding sits close to the ground should be visible for inspection of ant trails, spider webbing etc. Clean out gutters and remove leaf litter from next to the house. If all this fails and you still have a pest control problem with ants, spiders or any other pest you may need to call a pest control professional who is licensed and insured and has plenty years of experience. Anyone can pump up a spray tank and squirt chemical around your house but you need someone who knows the correct product labels to use and the proper amount of active ingredients to add to their tank. In some cases you may not need any pesticides sprayed your tech may have other safe options to use such as baiting, trapping and the removal of a conducive condition. Most store bought pest control products are so low in active ingredients you really need to drown the bug to get any results and this can get exspencive after a while. When you have the home treated by a pest control company you should receive a minimum 60 day pest warranty and take comfort in the fact that most reputable companies will honor this. With the removal of conducive conditions around your home and proper inspection on a weekly basis (by you) your should be able to keep the unwanted cold weather pest under control. If you want solid peice of mind on a ongoing basis like year round pest service a lot of companies offer programs to fit most household needs. We recommend quarterly pest control service to most of our residential customers and monthly for commercial properties. Quarterly pest service works great and we also include free of charge along with each visit a termite visual inspection. This is a great add-on to our service because it helps in early detection of possible termite tubes coming up the side of your foundation. Being a regular pest customer if a early detection of termites is located you would also receive a discount on termite treatments. Well we at A.N.T.T.S wish you and your family the happiest of holidays!