Hello From A.N.T.T.S (A North Texas Termite Specialist ). We can tell you that with these hot summer days that the pest populations of ants and spiders around North Richland Hills, Watauga & Colleyville are on the rise. Our phones are ringing with people calling about their pest control problems around their home and wondering why this summer season they are worse than years past ? I can tell you from 30 years experience in the pest control business that these pest do become more prevalent in the heat of the summer. They thrive in high temperature and breed more to build their colony size. We also find that this time of the year spiders, ants and even rodents such as mice and rats like to come in where it’s cool also like to find their way in to your home looking for water sources. Mice droppings can usually be found under a refrigerator where the drip pan with water is and also by AC units. Most calls we get about ants is from people finding them around sinks and other plumbing areas. Most times the real reason you find insects around plumbing is not just do to the water around it it’s because the pipelines come through the floor on a slab foundation and this gives them access to your home. With that said these are areas we concentrate on during a pest control treatment and should be areas you concentrate on during your cleaning duties. Sanitation is one of the biggest things you can do to help reduce your pest control problems. When you leave sugars, grease and other food crumbs this give the pest all they need to thrive in your home. Summer heat, dry weather and access to your water is what your dealing with now so you can try store bought pest control products and have some success but you could end up spending as much as if you were on a professional quarterly pest control program with your local pest control company. At least with a professional company you have safety and experience on your side. Most pest control companies have intensive safety training programs and all have state required CEU programs they must attend. All restricted use pest control products we use are labeled and regulated and meet state and government guidelines. Gone are the days of dangerous, toxic chemicals and in now are safer non-repellent sprays and baits. This is better for you and the applicator but not for the pest. We have found the use of these new products along with IPM (Integrated Pest Management) that we have much better results when used properly and when educating the customer on sanitation, the removal of conducive conditions around their home or business. If you would like further info or would like to set up a pest control service call us at 817-366-3130 Have a great summer!