Well believe it or not fall 2011 is almost here! May not seem like it with these record 100 degree days but it’s true. Kids are back to school starting Monday in most areas so be care full in those school zones and not just for the speeding ticket or talking on the phone. They have those limits for a real good reason, kids walking to and from school.. With that public safety message said lets talk about the upcoming fall pest control season around Grapevine, Colleyville and Southlake. With this hot weather all insect colonies have had time to thrive and grow so we are predicting a severe to horrible fall season. When the weather turns and starts to get colder some insects and rodents especially will try to enter your home. They enter through the obvious areas such as cracks / crevices but also through pipe and electrical entries and can cause a range of electrical issues including a short circuit. These are all great areas to caulk for pest control reasons and for energy efficiency also. Keep all over grown foliage trimmed off the house to prevent insect / rodent entries. Store firewood away from home off the ground on a pallet. Keep grass cut to a few inches (has been easy this summer) to be able to see the foundation. When the pest control professional shows up he will help educate you on the removal of these conducive areas to potential pest control problems. We at A.N.T.T.S have many types of pest control residential service plans such as quarterly, monthly or semi annual. Some people can get away with a one time pest treatment but usually end up wanting to get on at least a semi annual service after they see the results from the last pest treatment.  So get ready for pumpkin picking, Christmas shopping because it’s right around the corner. If you need further info feel free to call us at 817-366-3130 We at A.N.T.T.S wish you a safe and happy fall pest control season.