Good Sunday to you! Hello from A.N.T.T.S = A North Texas Termite Specialist. Once again we do more than termite control we do specialize in all forms of pest control. Bed bugs are definitely on our list of pest we exterminate. I can tell you that in 28 years of being in the pest control business I have always only heard of bed bugs being a nursery rhyme. Now the bed bug problem has almost reached epidemic proportions. I have never seen or heard so many stories about a structural pest problem such as with bed bugs. Admittedly there was a learning curve when treating these pest. We had to learn and research just like the customer who has googled the topic and educated themselves on bed bugs. We do have the unique opportunity to learn more about them by professional entomologist and industry leaders in bed bug control through our ongoing CEU programs. Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that prefer to feed mainly on human blood. The name bed bug comes from where they like to hide to be close to their host (you) to feed. They are most active at night and can feed unnoticed on their host until red blemishes and scaring appears on a itchy person. Bed bugs are reddish to brown in color and are somewhat oval in shape. Bed bugs are attracted to their host by the carbon dioxide emitted from the body while the host sleeps. People with bed bug bites will find little red dots that become very itchy and they will usually scratch until the bleed and scab over. Another sign of bed bugs is little blood smears on the sheets of a infected bedding area. When a bed bug inspection is performed we look for signs like this along with looking for active bed bugs and egg capsules or casings pasted on the back side of a headboard, dresser draw or something else close to the host. As far a treatments there are a lot of people trying to invent the better mouse trap per say or trying to come up with the newest gadget to get rich quick. Believe me there are a lot of quacks out there and I would be Leary of a promise of total elimination of bed bugs from a device you purchased for $9.99 plus shipping! Now we believe in the old school method of treatment. Back in the day when I first started out in pest control we use to enjoy a good roach clean out by means of inspection, preparation and devastation! When we left a home there were roaches dropping from the ceiling running out of every crack and crevice in the house and ending up on their little backs. We believe we can use some of the same tactics of the old days by being thorough and treating every nook and cranny in the effected ares of the home with a long residual EPA approved pesticide and with a additive to effect their reproductive system. We do have safe and effective products that will kill bed bugs and last long enough to control these nasty pest and with good follow ups you can rest assure you will not be a host for long. Recently A.N.T.T.S has teamed up with a Certified Bed Bug Inspection dog owner who will be working with us on treatments/inspections. We will be sending in the trained bed bug dog and it’s owner to find hot spots in the home to give us a better idea where to treat more effectively and to reduce the amount of product we need to use by doing direct contact treatments. Of course we will be doing preventative spraying also and doing other things such as treating box springs, baseboards etc. For more info on how to book a bed bug dog inspection and treatment call 817-366-3130 We will be happy to set up a day to come out and help you sleep better at night!